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The Need for Speed franchise was getting a bit too dull in the recent past, but EA cleverly handed Criterion Games the job of making a reboot in the series to stir up interest in the minds of gamers, which Criterion Games indeed succeeded in doing. But that doesn’t mean Black Box will no longer make Need for Speed games, because hey – there’s a new one coming out in November 2011!



The demo of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, the much awaited reboot in the miserably under-performing Need For Speed series, which was released on PSN and XBLA, has been ( according to EA ) downloaded 2 million times.

If you like to crunch numbers, this is for you: 700, 000 Speed Wall posts, 5 million Autolog recommendations, 54 million miles raced and over 20 million cop busts!

I really liked the demo and you can check my review of the Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit demo here.

EA, after quite a few failures with the previous games in the NFS franchise, has handed over the reins to Burnout developer Criterion. And so we have Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, a reboot in the NFS series.

There is a single race in the demo – Darkhorse – where in you play as the cop. With only two cars to choose, and a small arsenal of weapons such as Spike strips and Roadblocks (each of which can be used thrice) you will have to take down 5 racers. After every use, they require a few seconds to recharge. The controls are tight. The graphics are gorgeous and the races are adrenaline filled… for the most part. In case you have someone on your friends list who also has the demo, a bonus race gets unlocked – Roadsters Reborn. In Roadsters Reborn, you play as a racer, evading the cops.