Possible E3 Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Reveal And More!

Posted: April 9, 2011 in News
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E3 is fast approaching, and will be as exciting as ever before – now that DICE has stated that “E3 is probably a good time to keep your ears open” for news on the game’s multiplayer.

That is what Battlefield 3’s Brand Manager Kevin O’Leary had to say in an interview with GamerZines at the EA Showcase event in London. Battlefield 3 is no doubt DICE’s biggest title yet. DICE promises that the game’s single-player campaign will “make you feel the visceral warrior’s experience like no other FPS.”

Some websites have gone on to state that Battlefield 3 is even better than the best looking game out there ( as of yet ) – Crysis 2. If you are having a hard time believing that, take a look at one of the recent screenshots of the game:

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? So yeah, as you can see – the game is a stunning treat to the eyes. For anyone out there who is wondering if DICE will manage to keep up the graphical standards on consoles, this is what Patrick Bach – Executive Producer at DICE – had to say: “What we’re showing on PC might look better than on console, but what we’ll show on console doesn’t look worse than any other game out there. It’s probably even better than every other game out there on console.”

Yeah, Bach sure has Crysis 2 in his crosshairs. Watch out, Crytek – DICE is after you. He also went onto say that a few people expecting graphics bleeding edge graphics on consoles will be “disappointed that it doesn’t look like the PC version.” So what will set apart the PCs from the consoles? “The higher resolution, the higher framerate, the anti-aliasing, the motion blur, stuff like that. We can’t have it to the same quality on the console,” says Bach. It’s the “practical limitations of the consoles” which is stopping DICE from achieving equal graphics across all platforms, apparently.

And in conclusion, Bach says: “We are not trying to build any of our old games, and we’re not trying to build any of our competitors’ games: we’re trying to build our own Battlefield 3.”

  1. HalfLife says:

    Waiting Patiently for the BF3 MP reveal by DICE.. 😀

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