Is Valve Willing To Pull Another Portal? “Definitely”

Posted: April 8, 2011 in News
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You can be doubly sure that when Valve bundled the Portal as more of a filler in the Orange Box, they never expected it to blow up the way it actually did. Nor did they expect it to amass such a massive, passionate and loyal fan-following.

But will Valve be willing to experiment once more the way they did with Portal? “I mean, definitely,” is what comes out of Chet Faliszek’s mouth – in his recent interview with BeefJack ( published tomorrow ).

“We’re always thinking of what we want to work at and what we want to do and then worry about the other stuff later. So, if there’s something that matched that small form, then sure, we would do it,” he added.

This news will definitely brighten up Valve fans, fans who were totally surprised at Portal’s quite entry. Portal 2 is coming out on April 19 in the Americas, followed by an European and Australian launch a few days later.


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