Jack Tretton: “I Don’t Think Price Makes Or Kills A Platform”

Posted: April 6, 2011 in News
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President of Sony Computer Entertainment America – Jack Tretton, in an interview with Fast Company said: “I think that consumers respond to value. If you’re passionate about something you find a way to go out and get it and gamers are very passionate.”

He also went on to say: “When you’re buying a platform, when you’re buying technology, you’re hopefully buying a device that you’re going to enjoy for many years. If you look at an investment comparable to a game device be it a system or a portable – whether it’s an iPod or cell phone – people are used to spending several hundred dollars to get a portable device.”

There is a lot of discussion about the NGP’s price point and if it’ll be priced rather outrageously at $200-$250. Tretton had this to say about the topic: “Typically it comes down to; ‘how good is the system and how bad do I want it?’ And it’s not to say that the price of the platform isn’t a consideration, but I don’t think price makes or kills a platform. Something that’s lousy and very inexpensive is not going to be successful. Something that’s pricey will ultimately find its audience if there’s enough value there.”

On a totally different note, speaking to Bloomberg, Tretton said that the PSP’s successor – NGP ( Next Generation Portable ) might miss the expected global simultaneous 2011 release because of the tsunami happenings in Japan. “It may be the straw that says ‘maybe we get to just one market by the end of the year’,” said Tretton. Rather interestingly, he also added that not having a simultaneous release for the NGP worldwide “may give game developers in certain regions more time to complete their software.”

  1. SparktehFox says:

    If you think the NGP will cost between 200-250 dollars you are SADLY mistaken, especially since its CONFIRMED to be over $300 and under $600.

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