Battlefield 3 New Trailer And More

Posted: March 30, 2011 in News
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Well, another trailer for Battlefield 3 has landed. And boy, does the game look good. Mind you, it’s alpha code, and runs on PC. It’s called: “Battlefield 3 Fault Line Gameplay Episode III: Get That Wire Cut.” Have a look:

But that’s not all, there’s more. Get this: in an exclusvie  interview with, DICE General Manager Karl Magnus Troedsson said that the singleplayer ( SP ) campaign will last for a solid 12 hours. That’s an amazing amount of play through time given how the latest slew of FPS games had their singleplayer experience average at about 6 hours or so. So Battlefield 3 will offer us double the fun? Yes, if Karl is to be believed.

Also, a full 12 minute reveal of Battlefield 3 can be expected on April 17. So stay tuned.


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