Prone Present In Battlefield 3, Has Its Share Of Problems

Posted: March 29, 2011 in News
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Karl Magnus Troedsson – General Manager at DICE – admitted that prone was in fact making its way to Battlefield 3 because of the “outcry from the community”. “It was hard to ignore the outcry from the community,” he said.

“The return of jets and the return of prone is definitely [something] we have listened to [from] the community. Basically it comes down to we wanted to bring it back (going prone), but we’d also known that there’s a lot of hassle that comes with something like that both visually quality wise but also balancing.”

He stated that prone wasn’t a feature in the previous two Bad Company titles because of the problems it brought with it: “It was like if you lay down, he’s in the grass or not in the grass or wherever he might be. Problems.”

  1. HCG says:

    I wish prone was not included coz these sniper beeches (who never contribute to the team) just camp & increase their KDR.. 😐

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