Killzone 3’s Sales Decline, Sell Much Lesser Than Predecessor

Posted: March 29, 2011 in News
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In the gaming industry, video game sales are at the peak only in the first few weeks following a game’s launch. After that, consumers gradually lose interest, resulting in an eventual decline of sales ( sometimes, an abrupt decline even ). Specifically talking about Killzone 2 and Killzone 3, the reports are disappointing.

In the same four-week time frame, Killzone 3 has sold less – about 300,000 copies less – than Killzone 2. That after Killzone 3 out doing Killzone 2 in almost every aspect. And don’t forget, Move support. Killzone 2 sold 1,326, 794 copies in four weeks, and Killzone 3 1,095,632.

These numbers must be quite disheartening for Guerrilla Games – especially after they gave their best. Hopefully, the devs won’t be discouraged and will bring out an even better sequel in the years to come. Hopefully.



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