The PS3 Is Secure After Firmware Update 3.60. Or Is It?

Posted: March 15, 2011 in News
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PS3 jailbreaker Alexander Egorenkov – aka graf_ch0kolo – admitted that he’s too busy – after firmware update 3.60 for the PS3 –  to try hack it. Nonetheless, he stated that the PS3 is now secure.

He said, ““Fail0verflow made a mistake by saying that PS3 will never be secure again,” Egorenkov wrote on his blog. “And Sony proved them wrong. Sony knows a lot more about their system than any PS3 hacker.”

In another statement that vaguely contradicts his own, he said, “Everything that’s created/developed by humans can be broken/hacked by other humans. Never say never.”

Hopefully, the PS3 is now secure – once and for all. Nobody likes hackers breaking open into our systems and wreaking havoc in the gaming industry right? Unless, you’re one of them.



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