Metal Gear Solid: Rising To Play Better On PS3, Undoubtedly

Posted: March 11, 2011 in News
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Many PS3 fanboys were saddened by the fact that the next Metal Gear Solid game was going multiplatform. Yes, PC and Xbox 360 too. But worry not, because Shigenobu Matsuyama – in an interview with CVG – has confirmed that the game will run best on PS3.

He mentioned that him and his team generally take great care to make sure that the game plays similarly on all platforms, but that he was annoyed by hardware constraints. He went on to praise the PS3 because of it being a powerhouse. Here’s a crudely translated version of what he said: “We all versions of the game with great care and effort build. But hardware constraints we are sometimes annoying. But the problem we have in the PS3 console and power top the console allows us to make our best game.So it is natural that the PS3 version is better than the other two versions.”


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