Online Game Save Storage Coming To PSN Plus Users

Posted: March 10, 2011 in News
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In a bid to put the endless rumours and speculations to an end, Sony just let the cat out of the bag by saying that cloud storage for game saves will come to PSN. Plus. Yeah, PSN Plus. So you can enjoy the benefits of cloud saving your game saves – that is, if you are a PSN Plus user.

This is definitely a bonus feature for all PSN Plus subscribers, because it prevents the situation of playing all your favourite games over and over again just because your PS3 was an unfortunate victim of YLOD. Sony also recommends that you leave the auto-download feature ( again, exclusive to PSN Plus users ) turned on, so that you won’t have to wait to download firmware 3.60 ( will be available today ) when you really want to get into a game.

There also another hidden feature included in the update, but let’s see if you can find out what it is for yourself.


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