New Details About Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Posted: March 10, 2011 in News
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The past few weeks have been relatively quite on Naughty Dog’s side, with no fresh details of Uncharted 3 being released at all. Thanks to GCD ’11, we now have more details about the game

Speaking at length about 3D support for the game, Naughty Dog made it very clear that 3D support wasn’t introduced mid-development, but was implemented at grass-roots stage. A lot of other things were also made clear:

  • 3D support has been fully integrated into the game’s engine, and is being made from scratch.
  • The fact that 3D tech has been fully integrated into the game’s engine also spells that visual rendering of the 2D version of the game is much better.
  • Naughty Dog is also trying to implement some new experiences which will pull players deeper into the game such as feeling of dizziness.

Also, it was crystal clear when Naughty Dog said that they wanted to depict natural phenomena as realistic as possible in the game – in particular, fire – that fire mechanics were going to be an important part of the game:

  • The particle system has been reworked in order to provide the most spectacular effects yet.
  • A lot has been put into making the player feel trapped in a room which is on fire.
  • Fire can shape the environment you’re in – it can open new paths and can help you in combat.
  • Enemies will display a myriad of animations to behave as realistic as possible to the fire, and so will Drake.

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