Battlefield 3 Gameplay Footage Revealed – Part I

Posted: March 2, 2011 in News
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DICE had promised us that we’d get to see more of Battlefield 3 on March 1, and they kept up their promise!

Here’s a video – a first in a series of videos yet to be revealed:

Quite obviously, you’re blown away right? That’s because Battlefield 3 brings to the table a variety of next-gen technologies. First off, Battlefield 3 is powered by Frostbite 2 – an immensely powerful engine. DICE also uses the ANT animation system – the ones used in EA’s sports games! Then there are other technologies used in the game such as – deferred rendering and real-time radiosity, to name a few.

If you loved blowing up stuff in Bad Company 2, you’re going to love blowing stuff up in Battlefield 3 only because destruction has been made that much better.

Hopefully, the remaining videos will throw some light on the much-awaited multiplayer component of the game.


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