Consoles Maxed Out – Crysis 2

Posted: February 17, 2011 in News
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"Be the weapon."



Executive Producer of Crysis 2 – Nathan Camarillo – in an interview with NowGamer talked about how Crysis 2 maxed out the current generation of consoles.

While demoing Crysis 2 in stereoscopic 3D ( on an Xbox 360 ) Camarillo said, “It’s a very, very powerful engine. It’s sapping power out of a five-year-old console that probably no-one thought was possible. Not only being able to reach this level of visual fidelity, but also doing it in 3D, and do it with these choreographed sandbox areas that are open with intelligent AI running around them at the same time, and scripted stuff going off and explosions, and weapons effects… it’s really tapping into every last ounce of power these consoles have.”

We may have to take this with a pinch of salt since many game developers in the past have said that their respective games have maxed out the consoles ( in particular, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves the PS3 ). But then again, it might be true because Crysis 2 on the highest possible settings on a gaming rig looks a tad better than it does on consoles.


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