What First Person Shooter Games Need, Most | Individual Opinion

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Individual Opinion
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As always, my statement is that today’s market is saturated with shoot-’em-up games. Although this is slowly changing with a variety of games belonging to different genres releasing in 2011 ( inFamous 2, The Last Guardian, and already released – LittleBigPlanet 2 ), by no means does it mean that we’ll be seeing the last of FPS games.

Since there is no end to the barrage of FPS games coming out in this year alone, the question is – what is the definitive element ( or feature ) that will make a FPS game highly enjoyable. Let’s forget great gameplay, solid multiplayer structure and anything of that sort, and let’s focus on one tiny feature which makes a relatively big difference – “theater mode”.

Call of Duty: Black Ops had it. Halo 3 had it. They were all great shooters. And hopefully Battlefield 3 will have it. Why is it so important, I hear you ask? Well, with theatre mode, players will be able to share their OMG-moments with the world. Particularly, it’s important to implement an accessible system which allows players to share their prized moments, because who’d want to keep it to themselves, right?

In my personal opinion, the reason why Black Ops is as popular as it is because – apart from being a great game (?) – it features theatre mode; which is partly the reason why YouTube is littered with Black Ops videos. It even serves as free advertising ( especially those mad-skills viral videos ) for the developers and publishers! No kidding, right?

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  2. Prashanth says:

    to be honest with you a game needs to be widely accessible to all gamers to make it feel fun,this is why i always felt COD to provide instant fun right from the time when you pop in the disc and head to the multiplayer menu screen.

    To make a game to be highly accessible to gamers,you need to start with the most simplest thing,the controls,make the use of controllers for FPS games on consoles feel so smooth something which can come close to the Keyboard and Mouse,and COD manages to do this so precisely,i mean move your gun 360 degrees with your ps3 or 360controller,you can feel the smoothness and fluidity,make the game to run @ 60fps to achieve the former and i am saying all of this from the multiplayer perspective since i always felt its the Multiplayer component which is considered as the soul of an FPS game,the single most important component which keeps the game alive and lets gamers enjoy it for days/months/year together until another game is out!

  3. HalfLife says:

    “the reason why Black Ops is as popular as it is because – apart from being a great game”

    lol.. great game.. really funny piece..

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