Battlefield 3 – Coming Out Fall 2011

Posted: February 4, 2011 in News
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Jets, prone... what more could you ask for? Oh yes - GUNS.

The true successor to the legendary Battlefield 2 has just been announced! Yes – Battlefield 3.

Battlefield 3 will feature jets, prone and 64-player battles ( on PC )! The game is built on an improved Frostbite engine – Frostbite 2; so expect to see more destruction, which means more strategy. The game will release this Fall ( as expected ). The limited edition can be ordered at the official Battlefield website. While it hasn’t been revealed as to what the LE will actually contain, DICE has promised that more info will be coming out during GDC, which is taking place from February 28 – March 4, this year. Oh, and most important of all, the teaser trailer:

Game Informer revealed the cover for their March issue, and quite obviously it’s an amazing picture of Battlefield 3. Check it out ( above ).

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  2. HalfLife says:

    I almost watched it more than 10 times and still feel the adrenalin rush each time due to the INCREDIBLE MUSIC..

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