PS3 ( Slim ) Outsells Xbox 360 in 2010, And: Bulletstorm Has Gone Gold

Posted: February 3, 2011 in News
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"Kill with skill"

“There’s no stopping this train! Bulletstorm has gone gold for PS3, Xbox 360 & PC. Get ready to jump on board next month,” a tweet on Epic Games’ official Twitter account read.

There you go, probably the most innovative shoot-’em up title in the years – Bulletstorm – has gone gold. Bulletstorm is a multiplatform title, releasing on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, releasing on February 21, 2011. Oh, and Xbox 360 players who pre-order Bulletstorm from select retailers will automatically have their purchase upgraded to the Epic Edition which contains in-game bonuses as well as access to Gears of War 3 Beta – which is highly anticipated.

And in other news – PS3 has outsold Xbox 360 in 2010. Here are the stats for hardware sales in 2010:

PS3 Slim hardware sales:

  • 2010/11 – 24.1 million units sold

Xbox 360 Hardware Sales:2010/11:

  • 2010/11 – 19.4 million units sold

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