NGP ( Or – PSP2 ) Revealed At Sony’s Tokyo Event

Posted: January 27, 2011 in News
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PlayStation Meeting 2011 - Tokyo

And it has finally happened. Sony has finally unveiled the PSP2. A worthy successor in the making for many years, it was unveiled just hours ago at Sony’s Tokyo event ( PlayStation Meeting 2011 ), and here’s a teaser:

Here’s Kaz Hirai unveiling the PSP2:

So, let’s see what this tiny beast has to offer:

  • 5 inch OLED screen: Hats off to the geniuses at Sony for managing to cram in a 5 inch OLED screen. It just makes gaming so much enjoyable, doesn’t it? Especially on a 960 x 544 resolution screen…
  • Dual analog sticks: It seems Sony was listening to gamers after all – they’ve finally included two analog sticks!
  • Front & rear cameras: The original PSP had an add-on camera which was very much unworthy of its price. Sony has now decided to include a camera in the PSP2 – not one, but two. Wonder what the front-facing camera is for? Read on.
  • 3G + Wifi + GPS: Now you know the PSP2 has a front facing camera – because it has 3G! Still don’t get it? Well, for video-chatting of course! With Skype being enthusiastically supported on the current generation PSPs, no doubt Sony will let us communicate with friends via Skype on the PSP2. Interestingly, the GPS functionality of the PSP2 will allow you to enjoy location-based entertainment and even know what friends nearby are currently playing. Cool, huh? Definitely.
  • Microphone: It has a built-in microphone; or how else would you be able to video-chat with your friends, silly?!
  • Touchpad on the back, and front: In the post-iPhone world, every little gadget that comes out should have some form of touch-based user interface; that’s what makes it cool, right? Sony seems to agree – because the PSP2’s rear is one big touch panel. With that, you’ll be able to touch, grab, push, pull and trace actions! Oh, and it has a touchscreen on the front, too.
  • SIXAXIS motion sensing system + 3 axis electronic compass: Yes, it has SIXAXIS – that feature which was totally ignored on the PS3; let’s hope developers make good use of it on the PSP2, because motion-sensing games seem to be quite a rage on smartphones!
  • Quadcore processor: When the PS3 came out, it featured the CELL processor – which, when many were put together,  had enough power to rival a low-end supercomputer. Now Sony has integrated a quadcore processor which is supposed to rival the PS3’s power. In Tim Sweeney’s own words: “…roughly four times as powerful as any portable we’ve previously seen.” There you have it. I think Sony should be careful by not letting people think PSP2 is facing off against the PS3…

Now onto stuff that really matters: the line-up of games:

  • Uncharted ( untitled )
  • Call of Duty ( untitled)
  • Killzone ( untitled )
  • LittleBigPlanet ( untitled )
  • Hot Shots Golf
  • Yakuza 4 ( port )
  • Little Deviants
  • MotorStorm ( untitled )
  • Wipeout ( untitled )
  • Monster Hunter ( untitled )
  • PSOne Classics
  • … and many MORE…

With many developers saying the PSP2 is 4x more powerful than the original PSP, I’m in limbo as to what’s capable with the hardware… and I’m sure many of you out there will be happy because: : hell yeah! – Nathan Drake will be making his way to the NGP, and the interesting backward-climbing feature that is to be implemented in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception will be cleverly implemented in Uncharted games on the PSP2 by making use of the rear touchpad. Also, another thing that makes the PSP2 a must-buy Philip Earl’s ( General Manager of Activision ) announcement that PSP2 will have its share of shoot-’em-up games with Call of Duty making its way onto the handheld portable. Here are a few shots of the PSP2 for your eyes to gorge on:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

( I’ll update this post if anything else interesting happens. )


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