Crysis 3’s Storyline Already Plotted

Posted: January 27, 2011 in News
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In an interview with CVG, Crytek has revealed that in case Crysis 2 turns out to be a blockbuster hit as the company is expecting it to be, Crysis 3 will surely follow in the years to come. Crytek even said that Crysis 3’s plot is already mapped out.

Cervat Yerli told CVG, “We definitely want to make Crysis 3. I’m not making a formal announcement. We’d like to make Crysis 3 but the second game needs to be successful first. I will mention that there is a plan for how the fiction of Crysis should roll out, but again, it depends on the success of Crysis 2.”

“If it doesn’t meet our goals for whatever reason and doesn’t even break even then there may not be a Crysis 3,” he added. “But if it sells anywhere near what [Call of Duty] Black Ops has, there may be more from Crysis.”

Originally, Crysis – which released exclusively on the PC platform – was a big hit, mostly because most developers – due to the towering threat of piracy – were migrating to the consoles to make their games. Hence, Crysis was one of the few brilliant shooters on the PC, and with the announcement of Crysis 2 – everyone ( naturally ) was excited. It remains to be seen whether Crysis 2 graphically will be the same on all platforms, because it is generally believed that the highest quality of games can be achieved on PCs ( because PCs aren’t bound by any hardware limitations ). On a final note, check out this closed beta multiplayer footage:

Judging by the reactions of the closed beta on the Xbox 360, there’s no doubt the game will be a huge hit. The game will have a consistent release across all platforms, and it set to be released on March 22, 2011 in North America.


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