Microsoft’s Kinect Tramples Sony’s Move When It Comes To Sales

Posted: December 5, 2010 in News
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Sony and Microsoft only recently entered the motion gaming race which was kickstarted by Nintendo around 4 years ago with the launch of their family friendly console – Wii.

Sony’s motion-control device – Move – which has been lauded for its high accuracy, is competing with Microsoft’s Kinect – a device which is truly innovative and ambitious ( more like how the Wii was back in 2006 ). While Sony sticks to the tried and tested formula – the inclusion of buttons ( a quintessential peripheral indeed ) – Microsoft with the Kinect is trying to woo the crowd with hands-free motion gaming. Both the devices are amazing in their own right, but everything said and done, a winner is determined based on how it sales, right?

Well, it seems Kinect has overtaken Move in terms of sales. According to Pachter, Kinect was able to get this lead because consumers are hesitating to buy Move because of its $299 price point. According to him, that figure needs to drop if Sony wishes to “accomplish its goals of profitability, solid console sales and Move penetration.” As stated in an earlier post, Move has sold 4.1 million units already, but Kinect has sold even more units than that.

When the PS3 released back in 2006, the Xbox 360 was already a year old in the market, and quickly became the choice of every hard-core gamer; which was the primary reason why the PS3 struggled sales-wise initially. Sony seems to have learnt from their mistakes, and so they released Move 6 weeks earlier – to gain a sizable lead over Kinect. But that didn’t stop Kinect from stealing the spot-light; apparently consumers are more enthusiastic about hands-free gaming than 1-to-1 gaming, because as Pachter concurs Kinect is looking to have “an installed base of 8 million by year-end.”

It remains to be seen if all early Kinect adopters will still be interested in the device a few months from now, because if you remember, ( as pointed out in a survey ) most Nintendo Wii users said that their console was left gathering dust just 3 weeks after they were bought. It’s hard to blame Sony for not advertising their device enough, because the electronics giant itself acknowledged that Move adoption will initially be slow.

Still though, according to Pachter – “the two devices will be around $500-800 million in 2011, or around 2.5-4% of industry sales next year.”


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