Gran Turismo 5 Sells 1.8 Million In Just 2 Days; Exceeds Polyphony Digital’s Expectations

Posted: November 27, 2010 in News
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Worldwide sales of one of the PS3’s most-anticipated games – Gran Turismo 5 ( which released on November 24, 2010 ) has sold 1.8 million units all over the world. That too, in 2 days. 1.8 million in 2 days means, sans doubt, that the game is a hit with people the world over. Polyphony Digital said the game clearly exceeded their expectations.

In an interview with GTPlanet, Kazunori Yamauchi also said that a torrent of patches and updates will be coming in December which will fix bugs, glitches and performance issues. That said, patch 1.02 is already live; the patch makes GT5 compatible with Polyphony Digital’s improved server infrastructure which can handle a maximum of 1 million simultaneous connections.

For any of you PSJailbreak users out there reading this post, here’s some ( without  a doubt ) unpalatable news: GT5 will not work with PSJailbreak. Twitter user Mathieulh has worked closely with other infamous hackers Dark_Alex and GeoHot, and he recently posted on his Twitter profile that GT5 won’t work on PSJailbreak because the “eboot won’t decrypt”. Here’s the tweet posted on his profile:

"...eboot won't decrypt..."

Clicking on the link posted in the tweet will take you to another webpage where you can read the full message: “Ok, to put an end to pointless speculation and DH so called facts, GT5 wont run because the eboot wont decrypt (though that does not mean other issues can’t occur such as compiler issues and whatnot) and the game will black screen instead of error out because of one of the psjailbreak patches that makes a certain function always return true.”

So all you sinister gamers out there who wanted a taste of the epic game for free, you guys just ran out of luck. Go buy the game, seriously.

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