Gran Turismo 5 Update Coming Tomorrow; Could Gran Turismo 6 Be A Multiplatform Release?

Posted: November 26, 2010 in News
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Gran Turismo 5 – the most realistic driving simulator released yet – was met with harsh criticism from many reviewers. It’s a known fact that the game was in development for more than 5 years, but that doesn’t mean the game will be perfect right out of the box [ I might be contradicting some of the statements I made earlier ].

Kazunori Yamauchi went out on a limb to make it clear that the game will only get better. It seems that GT5 constantly connects to the Internet even if you’re playing offline, and this caused a minor gridlock. Sony’s solution was to “disconnect your PS3 from the internet”.

The creator of the Gran Turismo franchise - Kazunori Yamauchi.

Now Yamauchi – Gran Turismo franchise creator – made a statement: “The data centre was set up to handle 500,000 connections but the number of connections we received greatly exceeded that amount and there was a high chance of experiencing problems as a result. The design of the GT game really integrates the online and offline parts. So the problems online actually affected the offline play as well. Right now we’ve changed the number of simultaneous connections that are possible to one million, doubling the number, and we’re trying to gauge what will happen, but we don’t know at this point in time.”

So an update is coming this Saturday [ tomorrow ] which will fix performance issues and some online bugs; which is definitely great news. It seems leaderboards and matchmaking systems will are planned for future updates, which means we’ll surely be seeing these features being implemented. How soon? We can only hazard a guess…

Apparently Yamauchi told Eurogamer that he doesn’t know if the next Gran Turismo game will be on the PS3. It’s hard to say since Sony has planned a 10-year life cycle for the PS3, and taking into account the fact that it released in the fag-end of 2006, it can be said that Sony does not intend to release the PS4 by 2017 at the earliest. But then again, the development cycle for each Gran Turismo game has been growing in years, and so it seems like it’ll be a confusing release. Could GT6 be “multiplatform” in the sense that it will release for the PS3 and the PS4? The PS3 surely has a lot of untapped processing power, so it is plausible that the next Gran Turismo game can run on the current hardware specfications of the PS3.


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