New PlayStation Bluetooth Headset Unveiled

Posted: November 8, 2010 in News

It was in 2008 that a headset, from Sony, exclusively for the PS3 was launched. It came bundled with SOCOM: U.S Navy SEALs Confrontation. Well, more than 2 years have passed since and Sony decided to come up with a new redesigned headset, selling at the same price. What a bummer, eh?

Well, have a look:

Looks awesome, is what I think! Here’s the final package:

The new headset is said to be 30% slimmer, and glossier – which in short means that its a finger-print magnet.  A built-in noise cancellation feature has been added and the new headset boasts of upto six hours of talktime! Phew! You also have three-way calling, call waiting and even a charging cradle which doubles up as a desktop microphone. It will be compatible with any device with Bluetooth 1.1 or higher. Talk about packing a punch; Sony sure knows how to do that.

Another thing to note, is that the headset will only be compatible with PS3s running firmware 3.50 or later. That’s actually insignificant since every PS3 out there, is updated. Right? The headset is expected to go on sale this month…


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