Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit DEMO (PS3) | Impressions

Posted: November 8, 2010 in Impressions
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EA, after quite a few failures with the previous games in the NFS franchise, has handed over the reins to Burnout developer Criterion. And so we have Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, a reboot in the NFS series.

There is a single race in the demo – Darkhorse – where in you play as the cop. With only two cars to choose, and a small arsenal of weapons such as Spike strips and Roadblocks (each of which can be used thrice) you will have to take down 5 racers. After every use, they require a few seconds to recharge. The controls are tight. The graphics are gorgeous and the races are adrenaline filled… for the most part. In case you have someone on your friends list who also has the demo, a bonus race gets unlocked – Roadsters Reborn. In Roadsters Reborn, you play as a racer, evading the cops.

Play as a badass cop, if you want to.

Nitrous, which has been integral in any game in the Need For Speed series has obviously been integrated into this one too. You can refill nitrous by slipstreaming, driving in the oncoming lane or, by drifting.

The background music adds to the overall adrenaline-fueled experience, with “Edge Of The Earth” from the album “30 Seconds To Mars” in particular being upbeat and catchy tune! On Twitter, #30secondstomars was even a Trending Topic for quite a while! Go figure…

The most interesting feature in Hot Pursuit is Autolog, an in-game socialising feature which instantly updates your track records and scores to wave it in the faces of your overly-competitive friends. Similar to Facebook, the concept of a “Wall” has been integrated, where you can make posts which can be viewed by your friends. You can even take up your friend’s Recommendation and directly jump into the race. There is an option for a “Photo” mode, but its locked in the demo. It surely will be interesting to see if Criterion, apart from posting the shots captured in the Photo mode will allow us to upload to social  networks such as Facebook ( apart from Autolog’s Wall ). Pretty slick, it is.

I can’t wait for the full game to come out, which it will in a few days…

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