Future PS3 Games NOT To Be Region-Coded – Rumours Debunked

Posted: October 22, 2010 in News
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Just yesterday, there was an article at PS3Gen which caught my attention. It simply stated that in the future all PS3 games would be region-locked. I recoiled in horror as this would mean that more than half of all games I own would not work on my PS3.

I immediately contacted Sony’s official PlayStation account on Twitter. Here is the conversation:


I will keep you all posted about any further developments.

[I do realize the final result is badly edited, but hey, you at least understand what actually happened!]

  1. I have to correct one thing.

    We have published that the PS3 games COULD BE region coded and not that they WILL BE.
    Our article speaks about a new possibility of SDK 3.50, and implanted since 3.30 : region lock
    We wrote that it is now possible to do it and not that it will be use by editors.
    So we are happy that Sony explain that they don’t want to use it but so… why have they added this possibility ? Wait and see….

  2. lukeox says:

    Yeah that would really suck for your Sravan.

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