Medal Of Honor Open BETA (PC) | Impressions

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Impressions
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Let me get this straight: the new Medal Of Honor Multiplayer BETA (PC) impressed me. I liked it. But let me also get this off my chest- the game is as good as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but nowhere close to Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Yeah, I just said that.

Let me justify my opinion: There are two modes- Sector Control and Combat Mission. In “Sector Control”, you spawn and go control flags which are represented by flags (essentially a Capture The Flag mode). That’s mainly how you rack up points, apart from killing enemies. Capturing flags (or as I just said, controlling sectors) is more like what it is in Modern Warfare 2 than like what it is in Bad Company 2- its really quick, and it takes less than 10 seconds. That’s actually good considering you don’t like getting bullets pumped into you!

In Combat Mission you are tasked with objectives such as to “Defend the anti-air gun”. The respawning system is slightly different from that in Sector; every time you die, you have to wait for 5 seconds to spawn.

The game flows at breakneck speed, like in Modern Warfare 2. Every match I played lasted only for 7 minutes or even lesser! Gameplay-wise the game feels pretty unbalanced. The guns feel fairly good… the weapon sounds are pretty mediocre and nowhere close to being authentic. One thing I found a bit frustrating was the hit-detection system, i.e. I most often didn’t realize that I’ve killed an enemy, until the points showed up which reward me for every kill. That’s pretty bad, because I end up wasting extra bullets and precious time. The character animations are decent… and the environment damage is pretty good. You either play as the Opposing Force (previously known as Talibans, renamed so because of controversy) or the US soldiers. When you start off, irrespective of which side you play as, you have three weapon classes to choose from- Rifleman, Special Ops or Sniper. For performing well on the battlefield, you earn Ribbons which can be received more than once a match (akin to Pins in Bad Company 2). Medals on the other hand, are like Insignias for Bad Company 2; they are milestones in your career. As you earn points, you can unlock customizations which, obviously, are helpful. The maps are pretty small; awfully small if you compare it to the maps in Bad Company 2. This, in one way, lends a hand to tighter and more tensed gameplay. The fact that the maps are very badly designed needs a special mention. There are only two ways to go about capturing a flag, and although there are many things to take cover behind from enemy fire, they are badly placed! Your team-mates are represented as white pawns on the map and the enemies orange. This leads to confusion as I many a times got  killed by my own team-mates who mistook me for an enemy.

Overall, Medal Of Honor’s multiplayer component feels pretty underwhelming. Danger Close has to radically change the game via patches in order to make it more enjoyable.A point to be noted, this is only  a quick scoop on the multiplayer component of the game. Obviously, the singleplayer campaign will be totally different; with different gameplay mechanics (EA itself said so). So, to know how good the game actually is, you’ll have to wait till October 12.

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