What Devs Should Learn From Guerrilla Games; And About Arkham City

Posted: September 28, 2010 in News
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If you’re a PS3 owner, you’ll most probably have the Killzone 2- the game which upped the ante for all FPSs out there. Killzone 2 was a stellar shooter developed by Guerrilla Games. It set new standards for any other shooter out there, not only because it had eye-popping graphics, but also because it had tight gameplay mechanics and an interesting storyline. Yet, almost every review of the game said the game had a ‘limited colour palette’. It is apparent that the game’s visuals were mostly grey, but the amount of detail that went into the maps were astounding. Yet it was considered as one of the ‘downfalls’ of the game.

In the sequel to Killzone 2- Killzone 3- which will be releasing in a few months, Guerrilla Games has corrected its mistake, and a recent interview with CVG, Herman Hulst has mentioned that “Killzone 3 will be lush”. That should surely silence the critics once the game comes out.

In other news, critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum developer- Rocksteady- has mentioned that Arkham City (successor to Arkham Asylum) will be both open-world and linear. Confusing? Yes. But not so much; it only means that Arkham City will be more or less like Arkham City. In Arkahm Asylum, you were allowed to roam about searching for Trophies, and yet the game was linear in the sense that you had to proceed with the story sequentially. That is exactly how Arkham City is going to be.


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